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Steel Service Centers

Overhead Bridge Cranes: A Practical, Reliable Solution

Bridge Crane System for Steel Service CentersOn-time delivery and reliable productivity aren’t just important aspects of Steel Service Center business—they are the business.

Using an overhead crane for Service Center material handling is the most practical solution to maximize storage space in your facility; using a Class D overhead crane means you avoid the down-time that can be devastating in a fast-paced industry.

A Class “D” crane--which North American produces exclusively--is designed to make twice as many lifts in an hour and lift the full rated load 30% more often than a moderate-duty Class "C" crane. For more information on Class D cranes and cranes rated for a “D-plus” duty cycle, see our Technical Reports.

Typically, cranes in your industry are run by just one or two operators, at a high duty cycle that often requries faster speeds, higher service factors and 24-hour operation. North American Industries has the resources to provide the right crane for these demands: we use heat-treated wheels, variable speed drives, 60-minute motors, and other specialized parts on most of our custom cranes for steel service center applications—depending on what is required for each specific project.

Our engineering capabilities, design flexibility and highly durable cranes have made a difference for Steel Service Center plants nationwide. Call NAI today for the reliability, durability and productivity your business needs.

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