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Cranes to Meet Military Specifications.

Be competitive without sacrificing quality or service. Disocver NAI's extensive experience with bridge cranes, monorails, and gantries for military projects.

North American Industries regularly designs and builds to government and military specifications. Browse an extensive list of some of the military bases at which North American Industries' cranes are used.

Class D Gantry CraneNorth American Industries can help you cut your costs – even on Specification 14630 Cranes. The Sales Engineers at NAI who specialize in the spec crane business provide very quick budgetary and final quotations, thoroughly review complex specifications and respond with detailed statements of compliance. If you choose to allow our engineers to talk with your designers and spec writers, we can also suggest value-engineering improvements that will save you money. Finally, we coordinate with building manufacturers and architectural and engineering firms to deliver cranes meeting your construction schedule and budget.

In addition to regularly meeting or exceeding the strict specifications involved in federal government-spec jobs, North American Industries has extensive experience in military-specific applications including providing “explosion-proof” equipment for hazardous environments. Click here for more information on explosion-proof equipment.

No matter what your project’s scope, hazards or design requirements, North American Industries has the engineering capabilities and experience to meet your specific needs.

Military Installations with North American Industries' Cranes

Yuma Proving Grounds (YPG). Sonoran Desert of Arizona
Equipment: 40/5 ton crane to the Army Contracting Agency, Yuma Proving Grounds, a test facility for the US Army and one of the largest military installations in the world
Application: repair service facility for a variety armored vehicles

Fort Bliss, El Paso TX
Equipment: 15 ton bridge crane, two 7.5 ton bridge cranes
Application: Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Fort Lewis, WA
Equipment: 10 ton bridge crane
Application: Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Harford County MD
Equipment: 20 ton bridge crane and 10 ton double girder double leg gantry crane
Application: C4ISR Center, Ground Mounted Sensors Building, FiFF & GMS Warehouse

Wyoming Army National Guard, Cheyenne WY
Equipment: 15 ton double girder bridge crane
Application: Joint Forces Readiness Center/Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Delaware Air National Guard Base, New Castle DE
Equipment: 5 ton and 1 ton underhung bridge cranes
Application: Aircraft Maintenance Hangar

Fort Dix Helicopter Hanger, New Hanover NJ
Equipment: 15 ton bridge crane, two 9.5 ton cranes, and 7 ton crane
Application: Aircraft Maintenance

Fort Carson, CO
Equipment: twelve 10 ton bridge cranes and forty-eight 7.5 jib cranes
Application: Vehicle Maintenance Buildings

Camp Casey, US military base Dongducheon South Korea
Equipment: Numerous bridge cranes ranging in capacity from 35 tons to 7.5 tons
Application: vehicle maintenance

Osan Airbase, US military base Songtan South Korea
Equipment: four 5 ton single girder bridge cranes
Application: vehicle maintenance

Pohang Rok Navy Base, Pusan South Korea
Equipment: two 5 ton bridge cranes
Application: aircraft maintenance, tri-service multi-use hangar

Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City FL
Equipment: three 1 ton monorail crane components, 3 ton underhung crane, and a 2 ton top running bridge crane
Application: equipment maintenance and lifting canopies off of F-15 Aircrafts

Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage AK
Equipment: two 7.5 ton underhung double girder bridge cranes in low bays, two ½ ton double girder work platforms
Application: Large Airframe Maintenance Hanger and C-17 Support Utilities, cranes used for aircraft & building maintenance

Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas NV
Equipment: 5 ton and 1 ton bridge cranes
Application: Vehicle Maintenance Vacility

Offutt Air Force Base, NE
Equipment: 1 ton single girder bridge crane

Langley Air Force Base, VA
Equipment: 1 ton underhung bridge crane 42’ span
Application: Hydrant Fuel System

Littlerock Air Force Base, AR
Equipment: 5 ton underhung bridge crane 92’ span
Application: Hangar

Fort Richardson, Anchorage AK
Equipment: 10 ton gantry crane
Application: Crane used to load vehicles and equipment on parachute platforms to be dropped from planes

Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville PA
Equipment: 7.5 and 15 ton bridge cranes
Application: vehicle maintenance at army reserve center

Fort Dum, NY
Equipment: 10 ton bridge crane
Application: Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield Vehicle Maintenance

Special Operations Forces (SOF) Naval Warfare Operational Support Facility, GFM Barrigada Guam
Equipment: Three monorail crane component sets (¼ ton, 2 ton, and 3 ton). The ¼ ton designed with swivel to negotiate 90 degree curve of 3’ radius and NEMA 4 protection
Application: Outboard Motor Storage Use, Maintenance Shop, & Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Storage and Maintenance

Camp Walker, Daegu South Korea
Equipment: 3 ton underhung components (hoist, trolley, and electrification)
Application: Repair Work

Camp Fogarty / RI Army National Guard, East Greenwich RI
Equipment: three 15 ton 70’ span double girder bridge cranes (NEMA 12), and two ½ ton bridge crane components sets
Application: Wing A Automotive Shop, Wing B Allied Shop, Wing C Facility Maintenance Shop (FMS), Allied Shop Radiator Test Bay, Canvas Shop

Camp Castle, Tongduchon South Korea
Equipment: 25 ton double girder bridge crane

Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar CA
Equipment: 5 ton bridge crane with 52’ span
Application: Hangar

Camp Covington and Main Naval Base, Guam
Equipment: 3 ton capacity double girder bridge crane, one hand chain hoist and push-trolley, six 3 ton air hoists with air powered trolleys, 1 ton portable A-frame with hand chain hoist and push trolley

Pease Air Force Base, Concord NH
Equipment: 5 ton underhung bridge crane 64’ span, three 1 ton monorails one of which has a spark and corrosion resistant design
Application: Army Aviation Support Facility

Fort McCoy, WI
Equipment: bridge crane
Application: RTS Maintenance Facility

Fort Campbell, KT
Equipment: bridge crane
Application: RTS Maintenance Facility

McAlester Army Ammunition Depot, OK
Equipment: 10 ton double girder bridge crane with 50’ span (electrical class I, div 1, group D and class II div 1, group E,F,G)

Letterkenny Army Depot, Chambersburg PA
Equipment: 3 ton single girder air operated bridge crane with spark resistant trolley wheels and weight watcher overload

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