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With a monorail system, the hoist and trolley run on a single stationary beam. Because of their inherent speed and efficiency, monorail systems are an effective method of moving and positioning loads to specific locations. They are available in capacities up to 150 tons.

Our engineering staff can design complex monorail systems including curved tracks, multiple switches and interlocks which permit monorails to interface with other material handling systems. Highly automated monorail systems, controlled by computers or programmable logic controllers, are also available.

We design and build supporting structures, too—both ceiling-suspended and floor-mounted self-supporting. This allows us to provide you with the most cost-competitive monorail system for your facility.

Common Applications:

Monorails are often used for repetitive production jobs, such as paint booths and water treatment plants. Monorails are best used in applications where materials are to be transported from one fixed point to another fixed location, or through a process; e.g., painting, blasting, delivering hot metal from the furnace to a fixed pouring location. The monorail allows two axes of hook movement: up/down and forward/back along the monorail beam. There is no lateral motion under the monorail beam.


    Monorail System


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