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Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete – Material Handling Solutions for a Growing Industry

Pre-cast concrete is replacing metal structures in a wide variety of product areas, from road and building construction materials to water handling equipment. And North American Industries is excited to be a part of the pre-cast industry’s expansion by providing its manufacturers with durable, reliable and affordable overhead material handling systems.

First and foremost among the concerns of a pre-cast facility is the durability of a crane system. You need reliability, and you can't afford downtime; you would benefit greatly from a true heavy duty crane. A Class "D" crane--which North American produces exclusively--is designed to make twice as many lifts in an hour and lift the full rated load 30% more often than a moderate-duty Class "C" crane. We urge you to review our technical report on Class "D" cranes for more information.

The dust associated with cutting and molding concrete and stone can also pose serious problems for standard cranes. North American's concrete and stone dust package keeps the electrical controls and motors safe from the effects of airborne particles through the use of totally enclosed motors and gasketed control boxes.

If you are stripping molds vertically out of forms, a hoist with true vertical lift is important. North American offers both wire rope and electric chain hoists with true vertical lift.

Stripping wall or prestress panels involves tipping the product up, which requires multiple hoists and / or cranes—the same goes for the flipping or turning of loads when stripping molds. Moreover, suction can occur just before forms break loose from molds, which requires the crane to have more capacity than the rated load of the item might indicate. A Class “D” crane from North American Industries, designed by experienced crane engineers and installed by expert technician teams, is a highly reliable way to address all of these concerns.

Duty cycle is also unique in the pre-cast business. There are two very different stages of a typical pre-cast application, with unusual duty cycles:

  • A few hours at the beginning of the shift stripping molds, which requires a high capacity hoist. After this stage, the crane may be idle for several hours, as more molds are prepared.
  • The crane system is then extremely busy for last couple of hours of the shift, at much lighter capacity, pouring freshly mixed concrete into molds for the next batch of items.

North American Industries accomodates this unusual duty cycle by incorporating auxiliary hoists at lower capacities into many pre-cast concrete crane systems—or using the vast array of design tools available to come up with custom solutions for the customer.

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