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Hot Metal

Design for a Harsh Environment

Overhead Cranes for the Hot Metal IndustryWhen you are working with hot metal, it is important to avoid wear or damage to your crane due to high temperatures. The risks associated with high-temperature applications include weakening metal structures, material splatter, and hazardous blasts of heat from pouring.

North American Industries brings an excellent safety record to its design of Hot Metal Cranes, as well as its extensive experience and knowledge of such applications.


Among the safety precautions we employ are:

  • Power circuit limit switch
  • A 6:1 safety ratio, providing braking strength at six times the rated capacity. The rest of the industry is satisfied at a factor of five.
  • High-temperature wiring and lubrication
  • Heat shields on the hook and hoist body, made out of reflective material that can deflect a blast of heat from pouring metal or splattering material
  • Audible warning devices
  • Special electrification: frequently, hot metal cranes use remote controls to keep workers away from dangerous loads, or locate electrical panels on the “cool side” end truck

Whenever necessary, our cranes conform precisely to Foundryman’s Code specifications.

[Click here for our Technical Report on Hot Metal Cranes]

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