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Industrial Cranes to meet Government Specs for Municipal Projects

Find out why North American Industries is one of the best qualified companies to provide a crane quote for municipal projects.

North American Industries has extensive experience manufacturing division 14 or 41 cranes and hoists. Below is just a sample list of some of the municipal projects for which North American Industries recently designed and built the industrial cranes. This list speaks for itself. Municipal spec jobs often require low-duty, corrosion-resistant, explosion-proof, or other specialized equipment. We provide all of the above. We can help you cut your costs and meet the requirements in the government specifications with well-engineered equipment. In fact, we have Sales Engineers who specialize in the spec crane business.

Call 781-897-4117 or email for a quote.

Please visit other "industries served" pages for information about North American Industries' vast experience with other fields such as military, aerospace, metal, and concrete.

Municipal Projects Using North American Industries' Cranes

City of North Las Vegas (CNLV), NV
Equipment: 10 ton indoor bridge crane and 5 ton outdoor bridge crane
Application: Water Reclamation Facility

City of Keene. NH
Equipment: 10 ton bridge crane with NEMA 12 enclosures
Application: Equipment Repair

Lake Stevens Sewer District New Sunnyside Wastewater Facilities, Everett WA
Equipment: 5 ton, two 2 tons, 1 ton, 11 other hoists
Application: Equipment Building, Headworks, UV System, Shop Building

Newtown Creek WPCP, NYC-DEP Department of Environmental Protection, Brooklyn, NY
Equipment: Four bridge cranes 5 to 15 ton capacities, four monorails, 3 to 5 ton capacities

  • Pump Room Bridge Crane
  • Vehicle Unloading Bay Crane
  • Machine Shop Crane
  • Pump Training Room Crane
  • Screening Chamber Lower Level Monorail
  • Screening Chamber Climber Screws
  • Screening Chamber Influent Sluice Gate Monorail
  • Screening Chamber Effluent Sluice Gate Monorail

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, Delano CA
Equipment: 7.5 ton bridge crane, 2 ton monorail

Central Plant, Sacramento CA
Equipment: dozen monorails ranging from 3 to 7.5 tons in capacity, three 7.5 ton bridge cranes and a davit crane
Application: Heating and Cooling plant

National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution Dulles International Airport, Chantilly VA
Equipment: bridge crane, monorail, hoist 454kg capacities
Application: Chemical Cleaning Shop, Welding Shop, Mechanical Mezzanine

State of Kansas Purchasing. Salina KS
Equipment: 15 ton crane
Application: Salina East Armory Vehicle Bay FMS  

Washington Aqueduct Residuals Collection Treatment Facilities, Washington DC
Equipment: 10 ton bridge crane

City of Rehoboth Beach, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Equipment: 2 ton bridge crane NEMA3R
Application: Lynch Well Replacement and Water Treatment Plant

Long Island Railroad, Long Island City NY
Equipment: 50 ton bridge crane and 5 ton jib
Application: Maintenance of Way Repair Facility

Augusta Utilities Department, Augusta GA
Equipment: 15 ton bridge crane, five 5 ton monorails for outdoor use
Application: Goodrich St Raw Water Pump Station (RWPS) Improvements

Willis Avenue Bridge, New York NY
Equipment: 15 ton bridge crane
Application: Machinery Room crane

Bruckner Expressway, College Point NY
Equipment: 50 ton bridge crane NEMA4
Application: Construction

New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection
Equipment: 15 ton underhung bridge crane
Application: North River WPCP Thickening Centrifuge

Town of Lexington, MA
Equipment: two 5 ton single girder bridge cranes and runways NEMA 4
Application: Dept. of Public Works Building

Mass Water Resources Administration Pump House Renovation, Boston MA
Equipment: Two 2 ton bridge cranes and four 2 ton hoists and trolleys
Application: Machine and Pump Maintenance

City of Jackson, O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant Expansion, Jackson MS
Equipment: 5 ton bridge crane (designed to NEMA 4X standards), 3 ton gantry, 1 ton jib
Application: raise lower and transport membrane cassettes from Membrane Basin to membrane cleaning tank

Washington County Commuter Rail Wilsonville Maintenance Facility, OR
Equipment: 15 ton double girder top running bridge crane with ASCE rail and electrics (designed with NEMA 12 dust tight enclosures)
Application: Lifting of Steel Components

Johnson County KS Water District 1 Facility 3 Collector Well Pump House Project
Equipment: 20 ton capacity bridge crane with 42’ span
Application: Collector Well Pump Room to remove and install the vertical diffusion well pumps and other equipment, piping, and valves

Johnson County KS Water District 1 Water Treatment Plant, KS
Equipment: 15 ton bridge crane with haunch mounted runways and 5 ton bridge crane
Application: Maintenance

Easton Waste Water Treatment Facility, Easton MD
Equipment: 5 ton bridge crane and 2 ton monorail
Application: Maintenance crane for centrifuge room

Orange County Sanitation District, Ellis Ave Pump Station, Fountain City, CA
Equipment: 10 ton double girder bridge crane and 10 ton monorail designed with explosion proof and UV protection for outdoor use
Application: moving equipment and pumps

Lower Meramec Lift Station, Oakville MO
Equipment: 20 ton bridge crane, 5 ton bridge crane designed for Corrosive Environment, and 20 ton monorail hoist

Litchfield Water Treatment Plant, Litchfield IL
Equipment: 3 ton bridge crane, 2 ton hoist and trolley
Application: lifting pump components

Dept. of Public Works (DPW) Central Garage Facility, Poughkeepsie NY
Equipment: 5 ton bridge crane with NEMA12 dust tight controls
Application: service bay of vehicle maintenance facility

City of Trenton Water Filtration Plant, Trenton NJ
Equipment: 1 ton underhung bridge crane with runway beams mounted to ceiling
Application: Maintenance in Sand Separation Building

Hydro Electric Dam Bij Tujunga Project, Sunland CA
Equipment: 15 ton bridge crane with thermostat controlled heaters
Application: Maintenance in Pump Room

City of Clearwater Public Works Administration, Water Pump Station, FL
Equipment: two 2 ton bridge cranes
Application: Pump Maintenance

Central Dutchess Water Transmission Line, Poughkeepsie NY
Equipment: 3 ton bridge crane
Application: Wastewater Treatement Plant Pump Maintenance

Louisiana DOT
Equipment: end truck assemblies (gantry crane technology) under platform designed for load of 2.2 million lbs
Application: bridge and elevated highway repair work (eight-mile, two-lane elevated highway between Leeville and Port Fourchon including a bridge at Leeville)

Georgia DOT
Equipment: 25 ton double girder double leg gantry crane
Application: bridge and elevated highway repair work (I-95 highway construction repair, including a 1,000m bridge over Turtle River in GA)

Golden Ears Bridge, British Columbia Canada
Equipment: 40 metric ton double girder double leg gantry crane with a span over 20 meters, and a gantry track that extends 250 meters
Application: loading and unloading barges of pre-cast concrete and steel beams for bridge and elevated highway repair (Linking the mainland to one of the islands in British Columbia near Vancouver, the bridge will span one kilometer with six lanes crossing the Fraser River)

Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA)
Equipment: four 30 ton gantry cranes with end truck motors sized to allow cranes to travel up and down a maximum slope of 4%
Application: Bronx Whitestone Bridge redecking project

Pennsylvania DOT
Equipment: 7.5 ton gantry cranes
Application: I-81 bridge/elevated highway work in Harrisburg, PA

Queens Boulevard Bridge
Equipment: two 25 ton gantry cranes
Application: Redecking Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge
Equipment: Gantry Crane

Triborough Bridge
Equipment: Gantry Crane

Portable cranes for work on several bridges on the Ohio River
Equipment: Gantry Cranes

City of Marco Island
Equipment: complete 5 ton bridge crane, runway, installation, and inspection
Application: Marco Island Waste Water Treatment Plant for pulling membranes out of filters

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