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Custom Cranes

Sometimes a Standard Crane Isn't the Best Solution

Don't settle for a standard crane if it doesn't fit your application. At North American Industries, our engineers take great pride in their ability to provide customers with the crane that best meets the requirements of their application. North American Industries builds cranes, providing advice on the features and benefits—at times after on-site consulting--and then quoting sensible options from which to choose.

To find the right crane, decisions must be made about speed, capacity, lift, and options that will make it the best possible fit for your project.

Many times it takes only a small modification of a standard configuration to make a great improvement on the crane’s performance for a particular job. Other times, it has proven best to redesign the complete handling system to achieve the desired results.

Our Qualifications for Building Customized Cranes

Class D Bridge Crane We have hands-on experience in very demanding environments requiring special material handling. For example, we can design cranes for high duty cycles, tight dimensional constraints, precision, long loads, and extreme weather conditions. See the "News" section of the website to read about some specific projects for which NAI designed cranes.

In addition, we have met the unique specifications of government and federal agencies.

You will benefit from a custom-designed crane from North American Industries if:

  1. Other crane manufacturers tell you, “It can’t be done”.
    Most crane manufacturers don’t have the design engineering capabilities to analyze your particular problems (such as maximizing lift height, accommodating tight dimensions or positioning loads in difficult work areas), in order to provide a unique solution. So their salesmen try to sell you one of their standard cranes (usually one that barely meets your minimum requirements), and when you don’t buy, they tell you, “It can’t be done.” Sound familiar? Well, it can be done—and we can help with a custom design.
  2. You have a basic idea or concept but don’t know who can finalize it.
    Many customers come to us with a basic concept for their handling system: they know what they need and how it should work, but not how to make it happen. Our designs provide the structural, mechanical and electrical calculations required to transform their concepts into a finished product. We can do the same for you, whether it’s troubleshooting a design or fabricating and installing a custom crane system.
  3. You want a highly specialized, very efficient system that is dedicated to only one task.
    Many of our customers use specially designed cranes to perform repetitive, high-duty-cycle tasks in the manufacturing process. If you have a production application which requires a crane to perform one function very efficiently, very fast, and with a high degree of automation, call us. This is where our custom designed cranes can make a difference in your business.
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