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Components & Cranes Kits

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Assemble Your Crane and Save

Our cranes can be purchased in three ways – Complete, Component, or Kit. Each method provides the same high-quality Class D crane. The only changes are how much labor and steel you provide. North American Industries has been offering crane components and kits to end users for decades longer than virtually all US competitors. We are the original!

Spare Parts for Overhead Cranes

The Complete Crane is as it sounds, typically consisting of hoist, trolley, end trucks, electrification systems, controls, and cross girder(s). We fully assemble, wire, and test the crane in our factory. (It may be disassembled for shipping purposes.)

A Component Crane is everything you need to assemble a crane, except the structural steel for the cross girder[s] and a few dollars worth of small angles and steel plate. The hoist, trolley, end trucks, electrification systems, and controls are shipped fully assembled, tested, and painted. You provide the cross girder[s]. We, of course, provide beam sizes, drawing, and assembly manuals. You don’t need crane experience—our detailed step-by-step instructions require only basic metal fabrication skills, such as welding or bolting parts together. We also provide detailed written specifications for all steel that you will purchase locally. If questions do arise, our toll free help line is staffed 7 days a week.

The Kit Crane saves you even more money when you want to do more of the work. You get the end trucks and trolley in parts form—wheels, axles, bearings, gears, motors, and so forth. We provide all machined parts, all control panels fully wired, and all purchased components, except the simple structural steel shapes. You do need experience in simple machine assembly, and you will need the machinery to cut, burn, and drill steel.

As with the Component crane, North American provides complete drawings, detailed instructions, and toll-free telephone support to make your work easier. You save money and get a high quality crane.


Rebuilding your existing crane: sometimes the answer isn’t a new crane at all.

By using our components, North American Industries may be able to rebuild your crane, making it like new. This is particularly true on DC-operated cranes, or cranes over 25 years old, where maintenance parts are very expensive and often not readily available. Our engineers will visit your factory, and suggest the best options for replacing the worn crane. Our goal is a satisfied customer—not necessarily the sale of a new crane.

Other Information

See our technical report on Assemble-it-Yourself Components


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