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Modular Home Manufacturing

Whether you’re a modular home manufacturer, a production builder or a component manufacturer, overhead material handling systems are an integral part of your manufacturing process.

Shorter construction time, lower costs and better quality have all contributed to the exploding popularity of pre-fabricated homes, and overhead cranes have been and will continue to be an important contributor to every one of those factors.

That doesn’t mean that every overhead crane is right for your unique business. Home manufacturing facilities often require long-span cranes, multiple hoists to handle large, irregularly shaped items, remote controls for operators, and high duty cycles.

In short, a custom-engineered Class “D” heavy duty crane—which North American Industries produces exclusively—is the most practical, cost-effective and reliable option for your industry.

In addition to being able to withstand a much higher duty cycle than its Class “C” counterparts, a custom-engineered crane from NAI has many more options to improve safety and productivity according to the specific needs of your facility. These can include dust-proof electrical enclosures, and explosion-proof equipment for certain saw-cutting applications, where large accumulations of airborne wood dust can be highly combustible.

Safety, productivity and reliability—all crucial to the home manufacturing industry, and all a part of North American Industries’ commitment to quality.

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