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Runway Structures: Our Specialty, Not a Sideline

North American Industries understands that the reliability of your crane depends on the efficient design of your runway system. Just as the runway is not a less important part of your crane system, runway design is not a “side-line business” for us.

Outdoor Overhead Crane Runway System

North American customers benefit from our engineering expertise in the following ways:

We Design Runways
At North American we believe that it's logical that the engineers who design your crane also design your runway structure. Our structural and mechanical engineers utilize CAD systems to create your runway designs, in strict accordance with CMAA, ANSI, Uniform Building Code, AISC, and American Welding institute standards and practices.

We Fabricate Runways
The same rugged quality that goes into our cranes is applied to our runway structures. In many cases, the same craftsman and welders who fabricate your crane also produce your runway structure.

We Install Runways
A correctly installed runway structure ensures a smooth-running crane system. Our installers are runway experts, with experience established over many years and hundreds of installations; they have developed unique skills and special tools to make installations quick and easy.

Or You Can Fabricate and Install them Yourself!
If you have the skill to fabricate and install the runway structure, North American will supply you:

  • Runway design
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Foundation sizes
  • Assembly instructions

All of our designs are available with the engineering calculations required to obtain local building permits or professional engineer certification.

If you require a long runway, we suggest you also evaluate a gantry crane - it may save you money.


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