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Injection Molding

Control and Precision: The Injection Molding Industry

Are your molds single-piece or two? Loaded vertically or horizontally? Do you use lifting eyes or slings? Are your rams retractable?

North American Industries knows your business. And we know what questions to ask.

We also know that injection molding operations are all about control. Unlike many of your industrial counterparts, you may have low duty cycles, but your mold-changing process also requires unusual precision, and often involves unusual runway structure designs and dimensional constraints to accommodate your other equipment, such as water-cooling lines and robotic extractors.

Your cranes also often require specific functions, such as slow variable speeds on all moving components, or true vertical lifts on hoists.

Infinitely variable speed controls allow the movement of the hoist, trolley and / or end trucks to be precisely regulated by the operator from 1% to 100% of the main speed, and any speed in between. With this option, the load is lifted or moved at precisely the desired speed--very slow for precise positioning, moderate speed for cluttered areas, or full speed for efficiency.

In addition to improved "positioning", variable speed invertors offer other significant advantages:

  • Dramatically reduce wear on brakes (15-fold), by eliminating quick, repetitive starts;
  • Reduce wear / extend life of gear motors and couplings; and
  • Eliminate contactors.

The bottom line? At North American, we’ve served enough facilities like yours to know that no two injection-molding plants are alike. And we have the design flexibility to respond to your unique needs, as well as demands common to every industry—quality, reliability, and attentive customer service.

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