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Steel Fabrication

Reliable Cranes for a Fast-Paced Environment

Steel fabrication shops are busy places. Multiple shifts bring multiple crane operators into a steel fabrication facility—and being used by many operators makes a crane’s simplicity of operation, as well as its safety, paramount in the steel fabrication industry.

Typically, North American cranes used in steel fabrication plants employ chain hoists at slower and single speeds, and feature a simple and safe control system. Thermally protected motors are a standard feature.

North American cranes are rugged and durable, and can stand up better than most to common sources of wear and tear, including inching, reverse-plugging, side pulling, and shock loading. They are also designed for a high duty cycle at a competitive cost.

As with all our cranes, our engineers custom-design every one of our systems, which are then fabricated to your precise specifications. Whether you’re rolling, forming, welding, shearing, sawing, machining or cutting, North American Industries is your best bet for a long-lasting crane.

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