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Metal & Chemical Processing

Metal and Chemical Processing: Meeting the Unique Challenges

Double Girder Bridge CranePlating, galvanizing and dipping metal, or any other work in a highly caustic environment, requires special precautions with all your equipment, but especially with the equipment that is responsible for lifting and moving materials over your factory floor.

In many cases, a standard crane will work—for a while. Maintenance, however, will be frequent and expensive, and crane life short, since standard steel components rust and break down when exposed to caustic fumes and liquids. By either substituting chemical resistant materials for standard steel or applying protective coatings to the crane, the corrosive effects of the caustic agents can be minimized.

Moreover, cranes in chemical and metal processing industries have high duty cycles, making a Class “D” heavy duty crane—which North American Industries produces exclusively—the most practical option for an industry in which work is strenuous, cost is key, and downtime can be a disaster.

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