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Underhung Cranes

Underhung or Under-running Cranes
What are they and when are they appropriate?

Underhung and Under-running cranes are two ways to refer to the same type of crane. With underhung cranes, the end trucks ride on the bottom flange of the runway beam rather than on top like other types of overhead cranes. With an underhung crane, the runway beam is often suspended from the roof, which eliminates the need for extra floor columns to support the runway. This can be advantageous if floor space and the need to reduce obstructions is a major issue in the factory or warehouse. An underhung crane may even be appropriate with sloped ceilings or multiple crane systems.

Underhung cranes can be either single girder or double girder. Double girder underhung cranes are often suitable for longer span or higher capacities.

However, underhung or under-running cranes are typically limited to lighter capacities (usually about 10 tons maximum).

Underhung Crane
What Crane Type is Right for Me?
The best crane type for your individual needs is ascertained based on application and building dimensions (if the crane is to be fitted to an existing building rather than a new building). The most effective way to determine if an underhung crane is right for you is to consult with your crane manufacturer and installer before making the final decision about the appropriate equipment to purchase.
Single Girder Underhung Crane
Overhead Crane   Underhung Monorail Crane
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