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Overhead Lifting

Overhead Cranes and their Benefits

Overhead cranes include bridge cranes, gantry cranes, monorail cranes, and custom designs. The lifting technique of overhead cranes is much different in comparison to other material handling options such as forklifts and conveyors. The basic idea behind overhead cranes is to swiftly lift and glide loads to their destination in the most efficient direct path. This often involves lifting over aisles and above obstacles which can save time, reduce costs, and increase safety.

Efficiency, Productivity, & Safety
When you utilize an overhead crane that fits your application, there is less product handling and less chance of operator error - valuable product is less likely to be damaged. Consider an Overhead Crane System to move product safely and limit the exposure of your employees to forklift traffic. With some material handling systems, operators can’t always see beyond the load and accidents often occur for this reason. Overhead cranes can be controlled by radio remote controls or independent traveling pushbutton pendants which allow operators to stand safely away from the load, and maintain an unobstructed view so the operator can have greater control in maneuvering the product.

How much money do you lose on product damage resulting from your material handling system?

Also consider the potential benefits of less maintenance, moving loads along faster direct paths, and the ability to stack product higher.

Industry Publications:

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North American Industries was featured in several articles in these magazines:

This article highlights a large bridge crane designed to lift jet engines at NASA Stennis Space Center.

This article highlights the Whitestone Bridge gantry cranes and University of Michigan's custom crane.

This story is about crane installations.

Does your material handling system have this technology?

Many of today’s Overhead Crane systems include:

  • Radio remote controls for handling product from a safe distance
  • Variable frequency drives on all lifting and traversing motions for smooth starting and stopping to virtually eliminate load swing
  • Overload limiting devices to prevent lifting damaging loads beyond rated capacity
  • Ergonomic controls for precision lifting
  • Material advancements in rope and chain to extend the life of the system and ensure safe operation for years to come

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