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Forklifts vs Cranes

What is the best material handling equipment for you?

Less Product Damage
In most cases, forklifts cause more damage to the product than overhead cranes which require less product handling and minimize operator error. Cranes that are customized for the customer and the application reduce breakage because they are designed and built considering use patterns and obstacles that must be overcome. Overhead cranes also allow smooth transports with soft start features and multiple speed options.

More Cost Effective Use of Space
Forklifts can only stack product as high as the mast will elevate. As a result, product is often stored over a wide area on the floor or yard. As the business expands, a larger factory or yard is needed in order to accomodate the product. The facility then must be maintaintedBridge Crane for Out Door Use with greater costs and other management resources.

In comparison, a crane allows for greater hook height and more efficient use of space. Money is saved on land acquisition costs, property taxes, and forklift alley maintenance.

Fewer Expenses, More Durability
Heavy use and a large number of forklifts in operation translates to high maintenance costs. Typically, forklifts need replacing after several years of this type of wear.

Class “D” cranes from North American Industries require very little maintenance and are rated for heavy duty usage. Cranes from North American Industries are also guaranteed for two years and will endure for decades.

Greater Efficiency
Frequent use of multiple forklifts requires many operators and maintenance technicians. One crane system with one operator can replace multiple forklifts; therefore proving more efficient.

With a crane that is designed for the application, work can often be done more quickly and product can be placed more precisely. North American Industries designs, builds, installs, and services cranes for a wide variety of industries. Visit our industry webpages or read our press releases to learn more about our ability to provide cranes for different industries and applications. We have familiarity and knowledge about cranes in more applications that we can list! Call us and inquire about the experience we have for your particular industry - our experience has been invaluable in helping companies improve their material handling systems.

We can also advise on the type of crane (bridge, gantry, monorail, or custom design) that will best suit your needs. To get started, visit the "What Type of Crane Do I Need?" page.

In most cases, the combination of:

less product damage
more efficient use of space
fewer personnel
and less maintenance

...makes the overhead cranes a smart choice.

Switching to cranes will reduce long term costs and quickly result in a full return on investment. To request a quote and a more detailed analysis of your particular facility, please contact a sales engineer at 800 847-8470.

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