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Name: Alliance / Fort Carson Army Base

Description: Alliance is a Colorado based construction company.

Bridge Crane for Army BaseProblem: Fort Carson needed to enhance its motor-pool repair facilities, especially in twelve “L” shaped buildings where hoses and other vehicle maintenance equipment pre-existed along the ceilings in the bays. They needed a better way of lifting engine parts and handling heavy-duty parts for tanks and tracked vehicles.

Solution: In each of twelve buildings, Jibb CraneNorth American Industries’ crews installed one 10-ton double-girder overhead bridge crane and a fully fabricated 126 foot long floor-supported runway system in a multi-bay drive-through service area for tanks and Bradley vehicles. North American Industries designed the bridge cranes with “ultra-low headroom trolleys” which ride between the cross girders, rather than on top of the cross girders where trolleys typically are located. These “ultra-low headroom trolleys” maximize the clear height under the cross girders and runways beams, which was critical to maintain clear access through the existing overhead doors. This design provides the best solution taking into consideration the dimensional constraints of the existing buildings, and the result is a compact design that achieves maximum hook height.

North American Industries also installed groups of four 7.5 ton motorized jib cranes in all of the twelve buildings. Each of the jib cranes is servicing two drive-through bays maintaining Humvees and other personnel carrying vehicles. To meet the timeline required due to troop rotation, North American Industries worked multiple shifts to provide 24 hour a day installation services.

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