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April 2005

New Cranes Installed at Fort Carson are Part of Shift in How
Armed Forces Maintain Their Equipment

WOBURN, MA—North American Industries, Inc. (NAI) has completed its installations at Ft. Carson, CO, after working around the clock for several months helping the 7th Infantry Division enhance its motor-pool repair facilities with dozens of bridge and jib cranes.

In each of twelve buildings, NAI crews have installed a 10-ton double-girder overhead bridge crane with a 52-foot span, a fully fabricated 126 foot long floor-supported runway system in a multi-bay drive-through service area for tanks and Bradley vehicles, and four 7.5 ton motorized jib cranes. Each of the jib cranes is servicing two drive-through bays maintaining Humvees and other personnel carrying vehicles. The bridge cranes and runways were custom- manufactured at NAI’s Woburn headquarters.

This project overhauls the way the 7th Infantry Division repairs and services its vehicles, by using overhead bridge and jib cranes to lift engine parts and handle heavy-duty parts for tanks and tracked vehicles. NAI, which produces heavy-duty Class “D” equipment and custom-engineers every crane it manufactures, turned out to be an ideal partner for Ft. Carson, well able to handle the complexity and scope of the project, as well as its demand for custom-manufactured and specialized equipment.

As the armed forces continue to explore new ways to service their transportation fleets, NAI has begun partnering with other military installations in the United States and overseas, including Fort Stewart AFB, and several US military installations in Korea.

North American Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of overhead lifting systems. With sales worldwide, service and repair centers nationwide, and experience in the nuclear, foundry, steel service center, concrete, and general manufacturing industries, we have the expertise to design, produce, install and service Class D heavy-duty cranes.

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