Case Study: Houston OCTG looks to NAI to for Cranes

North American Industries (NAI) has been selected to design and install two 10-ton Class E top-running overhead cranes for Houston OCTG Group Inc. (Houston). Houston, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WSP Holdings Limited in Jiangsu Province, China, manufactures specialty tubing and castings used to transport crude oil and natural gas from an oil or gas layer to the earth’s surface during the drilling process. 





Management Topic: North American Industries is Becoming Lean

The Lean philosophy has become a way of life for many manufacturing plants.  Simply put, Lean is a comprehensive way to improve company performance by increasing reliability and speed throughout the organization. Whether an office, manufacturing or field service function, the goal is to improve it by eliminating wasteful activities. 


Safety Matters: Crane Inspections

A periodic safety talk is an integral part of operating your business well. Reminding your employees about safety and the consequences of not taking the correct precautions can save lost time and mitigate or eliminate an unsafe work environment.

Here are a few safety tips to help keep your crane up and running. 



Technical Brief: Single Girder vs. Double Girder Cranes

Bridge cranes can be designed with either one or two cross girders. A common misconception is that double girder cranes have greater lifting capacity. 



Annual Crane Inspection


Is it time for your crane inspection?


If so, North American Industries can take care of it for you.

Please call us at 781-897-4131 or email us at

Safety inspections are an OSHA requirement and reduce long-term costs by keeping your employees safe and your crane productive. Ask us about multi-year contracts, recommended parts lists and other ways to keep inspection costs low and your cranes up and running.

Please give us your feedback. NAI is always looking for new and interesting stories.


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First Quarter 2010

Restoring and Retrofitting Your Crane: A Sound Investment in this Economy

In this economy everyone is trying to stretch every dollar and when it comes to crane maintenance, our customers are no different.

Crane Restoration is a sound investment and often a more economical alternative to replacing your existing crane.

Keeping your crane in top working order will minimize downtime in your facility. We know that downtime means lost profits.  North American Industries can update any crane, no matter the original manufacturer. For more information on crane refurbishment visit our website at

refurbishment.htm or contact us

directly at





two 2-ton single girder top-running cranes

Cut Nuclear Inc. (Houma, LA) - NAI designed, built and installed two 2-ton single girder top-running cranes