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Volume 2, Issue 6 800-847-8470
August 2008

Pick Our CraneBrain with Q&A

What crane safety tips do you have for your customers?


  • Don't try to lift more than the hoist rating. If you don't know the hoist's rating, find
  • Avoid shock loads. Don't run the hook with a slack chain. Bring the chain or wire to
    a taut position before lifting.
  • To avoid damage to the hoist, the rope or chain should always be in a straight line
    from hoist to hook.
  • Avoid snagging a load while lifting.
  • Avoid jogging a load.
  • Use the right sized sling.
  • Never use the load chain or wire rope for a sling and make sure the load chain or
    rope is kinks or bends.
  • Don't bend the rope or chain over sharp edges.
  • When welding near a hoist, avoid heating the chain and making it weak; keep weld
    spatter off the chain, and never use the hoist as a ground.
  • Never get help to lift something with a chain block. If it can't handle it alone, don't lift it.
  • Don't use a pipe cheater on a lever hoist.
  • When using a wire rope hoist, check the wire on the drum. Don't let it get out of the
    grooves and pile upon itself.
  • Side pulls with a wire rope hoist may fray the rope and make it unsafe and/or
    damage the hoist.
  • Never leave a suspended load unattended. That load is your responsibility.
  • Never carry a load over another person...or get under a load yourself.
  • Never lift people with a hoist.
  • When moving a load, look where you are going. Push, don't pull.

Wise Decisions

Keeping certain spare parts on hand may also be a wise decision to ensure optimum uptime especially in environments where some parts may be more prone to wearing quickly. A Recommended Spare Parts List can be created specifically for your crane’s situation. For worker safety and optimal productivity, consider spare parts, preventative maintenance, and regular inspections.

No matter who the original crane manufacturer was, North American Industries can supply parts that are compatible. 800-847-8470 ext. 104.

If you have a question that you would like answered in a future publication, please send to


Crane Project Highlight

A large North American based supplier of railway track materials required a gantry crane as part of the expansion of one of their facilities in Kansas. Although used and off-the-shelf cranes were considered, a crane built to specifications by North American Industries ended up being the best material handling choice for the situation. The 15 ton gantry crane with a 51ft span competently handles the long loads of rail and related materials. North American Industries designed and installed the crane to operate outdoors on a 200 foot long track. The new equipment such as the crane and milling machines is expected to help fuel a tremendous growth in revenue. See below for an image of the crane at work.

15 ton gantry crane


CRISP Online Training!

Sign up for an online crane safety and operation training course through North American Industries. The service department (CRISP) now offers easy online training for your convenience. Receive a certificate after completion from a well-respected name in the crane industry.

Discuss your crane needs with North American Industries. We spend the time to understand your particular application.

To submit a new inquiry or speak with a sales engineer, call 800 847-8470 ext.117 or use our web form

NAI's 40th Year in Business

North American Industries would like to thank everyone who has helped us reach our 40th anniversary year in the crane industry. The support of our loyal customers and friends has been a big part of the position we're in today. We look forward to continuing to grow and serve in these long-term relationships in this 40th year and beyond.


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