Case Study: University of Michigan calls on NAI to custom design an overhead crane

At the Institute for Advanced Vehicle Systems (IAVS), part of the University of Michigan at Dearborn, faculty and student researchers conduct studies and experiments on auto body and chassis systems and other critical automobile research.† The IAVSí recent building expansion plan called for a new crane to lift and maneuver vehicle parts and equipment anywhere in the main test room.



Management Topic: Lean Vendor Relationships

Lean means different things to different companies.† To some, it means reducing inventory on the production floor; to others, it means getting by with fewer employees.† To NAI, it is an operating philosophy centered on reducing costs by improving reliability and increasing speed across all processes and departments in the Company.† In the Sales Department, it translates to a more complete, organized and timely information-gathering process so that orders are processed more quickly.† In the Engineering Department, it translates to faster throughput of jobs because the engineers donít start a project until they are sure they can complete it.† And on the production floor, it translates to more available floor space, more reliable customer promise dates, faster throughput, more complete shipments and better product quality.


Safety Matters: Wire Rope and Welded Chain Inspection

All welded chains and wire ropes should be thoroughly inspected at regular intervals. The longer it has been in service or the more severe the service, the more frequently it should be inspected. Be sure to maintain records of each inspection. Following are proper testing procedures:



Technical Brief: Wire Rope Hoists vs. Chain Hoists

Modern designs and upgraded materials have greatly improved the performance of both electric chain and wire rope hoists. New technology has transformed chain hoists into a rugged and durable product. Today, both types of hoists compete equally for typical industrial applications in capacities up to 7.5 tons.


Annual Crane Inspection











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Safety inspections are an OSHA requirement and reduce long-term costs by keeping your employees safe and your crane productive. Ask us about multi-year contracts, recommended parts lists and other ways to keep inspection costs low and your cranes up and running.

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Customer Testimonial


ďNorth American Industries performed exceptionally well during all phases of development of the overhead crane for the Air Force hanger in Iraq, including design, fabrication and erection. Whether facing challenges at home during design and fabrication, or assisting in the erection and testing in-country, NAI met or exceeded all expectations.

ďAs testimonial to their professional, PMSI would have no hesitation to contract with NAI on future projects domestically or abroad.

ďA job well doneĒ


John Ayer

†Senior Project Manager,

Perini Management Services


Second Quarter 2010